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Video Inspections

If your sewer line is giving you trouble, a thorough video inspection can provide you with the exact cause and location of your sewer blockage or leak. The trained technicians at Bullseye Leak Detection use sophisticated cameras and technology to capture clear, detailed images of your sewer line’s interior. It can help us to determine whether you have a block in your line, root intrusion, bellying of the pipe, a line break, or another issue, as well as identify the exact location of the trouble.

A detailed visual inspection is the first step to getting your sewer line back in proper order. Our equipment will also accurately map out and measure the length and depth of the pipe, making it easier to provide the necessary repairs or replace your line if needed. Contact Bullseye Leak Detection in Stockton today to schedule a sewer video inspection in Stockton, CA.

Utility Locations

At Bullseye Leak Detection, we use advanced utility detection and mapping techniques to ensure that we never damage any buried utility lines when damaging a pipe. In addition to mapping out your utilities before we excavate any pipes on your property, we can also provide utility mapping services in Stockton, CA, for our customers.

Whether you’re building an in-ground pool or adding an extension onto your home, it’s vital to know the exact location of any buried electrical lines, sewer pipes, storm drains and even abandoned septic systems. Our ground-penetrating radar can detect lines and structures up to 20 feet beneath the ground, giving you a clear picture of the underground layout of your property.

No amount of guesswork can provide the level of reassurance that a professional utility location provides. Contact us today for utility mapping services in Central Valley.

sewer utility inspections central valley california

About Our Technology

The technology we use here at Bullseye Leak Detection provides the foundation for our sewer inspections and utility mapping services. That’s why we only utilize the latest, state-of-the-art equipment to provide these essential services to our clients.

For sewer line inspections, we use cameras that are small enough to fit through your pipes and around obstructions, while still providing clear, detailed images on our screen above ground. This allows our technicians—and our customers, should you choose to watch the inspection as well—to clearly see any signs of clogs, damage, or other issues in your sewer lines. With these highly detailed cameras, and our team members’ extensive knowledge of sewer lines, we can find the exact cause of your sewer line troubles.

When it comes to mapping out your underground utility lines, nothing should be left to chance or guesswork; doing so can have very costly consequences. Our ground-penetrating radar works in much the same way as a bat’s echolocation—but with the unique ability of reaching up to 20 feet below the earth. Our probes send out pulses of sound, which bounce off of any pipes or wires running beneath your property, creating a detailed map of what’s below the ground. With our utility mapping services in Stockton, CA, you can undertake any digging and other construction with absolute confidence.

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