Leak Detection

Some leaks are easy to spot—a dripping faucet, a leaky pipe, water seeping around the base of your toilet. But with the majority of your home’s plumbing hidden behind walls and under concrete, many leaks can go undetected for long periods. At Bullseye Leak Detection, we specialize in finding and repairing those hidden leaks.

Water Leak Detection

Water Intrusion & General Leak Detection

In times of heavy rain, water can seep into your home via tiny gaps around windows and doors or through parts of your roof chimney. It can even intrude into your home through compromised walls and flooring. Other times, aging fixtures and deteriorated sealants can lead to leaks in your home.

Sometimes, the source of a leak is quite obvious; you might see the water seeping in around your window or be able to spot the puddling outside your sliding door after a shower. But other times, all you can see is the damage caused by these leaks, and pinpointing the exact source can be extremely difficult.

Our Central Valley leak detection experts use state-of-the-art equipment to find the exact source of the leak, regardless of whether the moisture is coming from rain, a compromised fixture, or your plumbing. We use spray tests, thermal imaging, ultrasound equipment, and good, old-fashioned detective work to find where the water is coming from. Then, if the source is plumbing-related, the team at Bullseye Leak Detection can complete whatever repairs are necessary to stop it.

Working with a leak detection specialist allows you to find the exact location of a hidden leak so that you can minimize the amount of demolition necessary to repair the source of the water damage. This is especially important for leaks beneath your slab foundation; our residential leak detection experts can find the exact location of your underground leak so that a repair technician can dig up the smallest amount of pipe possible to complete the repairs.

At Bullseye Leak Detection in California’s Central Valley, we combine our years of experience, continual training, and advanced technology to provide you with the best results. Contact us to schedule an appointment and see for yourself what a difference professional leak detection can make.

Pool & Spa Leak Detection

Swimming pools and spas are major sources of water consumption. If you have a pool or spa, you can expect them to impact your water bill, but if that bill has risen considerably recently, there’s a chance that your pool could be leaking. Pools and spas can leak in various places, from leaks caused by cracks in your pool’s surface to breaks on an underground plumbing line.

One of the most difficult aspects of dealing with a pool leak in the Stockton, Livermore, and Modesto area is determining whether or not you have one in the first place. Evaporation can cause your pool’s water level to drop, so having to top off your pool water isn’t uncommon. So how can you tell if your pool is leaking? There are a few DIY leak detection methods you can try. The most popular method is the bucket test.

Pool and Spa Leak Detection

To perform this test:

  1. Place a bucket on the bench or top step of your pool, with a heavy stone inside to keep it weighed down.
  2. Add water to the bucket until the water level inside it matches the pool’s water level around it.
  3. Mark the pool water level on the side of the bucket with a piece of tape.
  4. Leave the bucket for a few days while running the system on its normal cycle.

Avoid using your pool at this time. Check the water levels within and around the bucket a few days later; they should be the same, as both would be equally impacted by evaporation. If the water around the bucket is lower, there’s a good chance you have a leak.

If you suspect a leak in your pool, our Stockton pool leak experts can help find exactly where that leak is originating from. We can examine your pool’s surface for signs of cracks, pressure test every plumbing line, and track down the leak so that we can repair it or direct you to a licensed contractor. By pinpointing a break under your decking, our team can minimize excavation and get your plumbing repaired efficiently and effectively. Our leak detector can conduct temporary repairs to your pool’s surface to help alleviate any immediate water loss, but major structural repairs should be performed by a pool contractor. Our repair team performs skimmer replacements and repairs as well as return, suction, sweep, and fill line repairs.  By finding the leak first, we can help ensure that the repair work is done more quickly and effectively.

Contact us today for the best pool and spa leak repair in the Central Valley.

Slab and Water Leak Detection

Slab & Water Main Leak Detection

You might have the confidence to repair a leaky pipe under your sink, but what about a slab leak? Even the most skilled handyman doesn’t have the equipment, knowledge, or likely the licensing needed to fix a leak underground, potentially under a big concrete slab. A slab leak in the Stockton, Livermore, Modesto area can be difficult to repair but is even more difficult to spot—and you can’t rely on a standard plumber for locating such a leak.

The best answer for dealing with a slab leak is to call a leak detection expert in the Stockton area. Why leak detection? Because slab leaks and water main leaks are hidden underground, and you must pinpoint the exact location of the leak before trying to conduct any repairs. Otherwise, the destruction to your property can be extensive. At Bullseye Leak Detection, we utilize state-of-the-art equipment and advanced investigative techniques to track down the origin point of your leak.

Our non-invasive leak detection methods allow us to avoid digging up your entire water main line or potholing your entire concrete slab to find the source of the leak. Instead, we can focus our efforts on the affected area of the buried pipe, allowing us to get the job done more effectively and saving you time and money on your repairs. Contact Bullseye Leak Detection in the Stockton area to get your slab or water main leak located the right way without turning your entire property into a construction zone.

Gas Leak Detection

While a plumbing leak is certainly a nuisance, a gas leak is a serious health and safety hazard for you and your family. You’ll likely smell it if you have a gas leak due to the odorizing agents added to both propane and natural gases. You should immediately shut off the gas to your home and contact a gas leak detector in the Central Valley area.

Gas leaks can originate from any number of sources, including pool or spa heaters, gas-fed barbecues or fire pits, gas-powered fireplaces, water heaters, dryers, stovetop ranges, and more. The technicians at Bullseye Leak Detection take every precaution and will valve or cap off each appliance or fixture to isolate them from the leaking line and protect them from damage.

We’ll then perform a pressure test using a safe, non-flammable gas to locate your gas leak. Our special tracer gas and advanced technology will help us pinpoint the source of the leak, so we can quickly repair it. 

Gas Leak Detection

A gas leak is a serious matter, and you want it handled the right way. At Bullseye Leak Detection in the Stockton area, we make sure to test your entire system, so you can feel confident that we have the source of your gas leak, and your family can rest a little easier tonight.

If you have a gas leak in your home, contact us immediately to get the rapid gas leak detection and repairs you need.

Leak Detection Insurance

Insurance Leak Detection

As one of the most experienced leak detection experts in the Central Valley, Bullseye Leak Detection is the go-to leak detection company for most insurance carriers in the area. Homeowners and their insurance providers trust us to find and repair leaks quickly, affordably, and professionally.

From plumbing and pool leaks to water intrusion and gas leaks, Bullseye Leak Detection has one of the best reputations for leak detection in all of the Stockton, Livermore, Modesto area. Our team of leak detectors will provide you with detailed photos and reports, listing the leak source and its cause and duration, as well as access and repair estimates. You can depend on Bullseye for expert diagnosis, rapid turnaround times, and the quality customer care you deserve.

If you suspect you have a water leak anywhere on your property—whether it’s under your foundation, in your pool, around a plumbing fixture, or anywhere else—Bullseye Leak Detection can help. Don’t just search for “water leak detection near me” and hope that the results will give you the experienced, knowledgeable professional you need. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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