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A minor plumbing leak can be a nuisance—but it’s often a nuisance you can deal with yourself. However, when a leak occurs in your pressurized plumbing system—either in pipes buried underground or behind a wall—the matter becomes much more serious. It’s important to work with an expert who has experience in dealing with slab leak repair in Stockton, CA, as well as finding and repairing those pesky hidden leaks.

Sub Slab Repairs

Sub-Slab Repairs

Many homes in the Stockton area have a concrete slab foundation, and pipes lay beneath that foundation, bringing water to the faucets and fixtures of your home. Like with any pipe, these buried lines can develop leaks. But how do you repair a leaky pipe that’s buried underground and covered in concrete?

It takes a leak detection expert and repair technician working in tandem to pinpoint the source of your slab leak, open a minimal amount of the concrete slab, and conduct the necessary repairs before restoring things to normal. The repair experts at Bullseye Leak Detection in Stockton have the skills, equipment, and experience needed to find your leak, minimize damage, and get the repairs done right. We’re so confident that we will stop your slab leak, we back our repairs with a one-year warranty.

Water Main Repairs

Your water main line connects to the city’s water supply line to provide your home with fresh, clean water on demand. This pipe carries thousands of gallons of water through it every day, and a single hole the size of a ballpoint pen tip can dump significant amounts of water into the soil outside your home, sometimes beneath landscaping and other times beneath a driveway or sidewalk.

Our team can find a tiny leak in your water main, then excavate the leak and fix it with minimal disruptions. Once we’ve repaired the leak, we’ll perform a final test to locate any secondary leaks. Only after your water main has been thoroughly inspected will we rebury your water main and patch back the excavation.

Water Main Repairs

Basement Leak Repairs

As the lowest level of your home, the basement is most susceptible to water infiltration and leaks. During heavy rains, water can seep in around your windows and windowsills, any external doors, and even the concrete itself. Many homeowners do not realize that concrete is actually naturally porous, so if it isn’t sealed properly, it can allow water to seep into your basement.

If you notice that your basement is abnormally damp, or you spot water leaking into your basement during a heavy rainstorm, contact us for basement leak repair. We’ll pinpoint the source of the leak, and help you determine the best route for repairing the problem and preventing future leaks from occurring. Don’t trust your basement leak repair in Stockton, CA, to any plumber; make sure you’re working with an experienced and knowledgeable expert with the tools and expertise needed to handle these kinds of repairs.

Sewer Spot Repairs

Most people know just how gross a backed-up toilet or similar sewage leak in your home can be, and you’d likely rush to find bathroom leakage repair and get the problem fixed. However, sewer lines often get ignored, most likely because they’re buried underground, and damage to these pipes is easier to ignore than sewage on your bathroom floors. But a break in your sewer line can lead to sewage backups and property damage as well as health hazards, and you must repair these leaks as soon as possible. Bullseye Leak Detection in California’s Central Valley provides rapid response and expert repairs for your sewer lines—even those buried under concrete. Our detailed repair estimates take into account both your schedule and your budget.

Using advanced video inspection and line location technology, we’ll find the exact source of your sewer line break and excavate only the necessary area to reach and repair the damage. Once we begin excavating, we maintain safety and cleanliness by shoring deep trenches with safety equipment and storing excavated soil to better preserve your landscaping and property. Our repairs are not complete until the sewer line passes a second inspection, ensuring no secondary leaks. We will then rebury your sewer line and restore as much of the surrounding area as we can.

If you have a leak under your slab, in your basement, or in your water main or sewage line, contact Bullseye Leak Detection in the Central Valley for expert assistance with your water leak repair in Stockton, CA.

Sewer Spot Repair

Exceptional Service With Every Repair

At Bullseye Leak Detection, we pride ourselves on being more than a plumber. We’re leak detection experts, helping members of our community to find and repair even the trickiest of leaks. We’re committed to treating your home as if it was our own, and showing your property the utmost respect. That’s why we use our skills and equipment to ensure that we find the exact location of every leak, minimizing the amount of demolition and disruption in your home for your repairs. Our team members are always respectful, knowledgeable, and honest, so you can feel absolutely confident when entrusting the care of your plumbing system into our capable hands. Check out some of our reviews on Yelp, Google, and Nextdoor to see what your community members throughout the Central Valley are saying about Bullseye Leak Detection!

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